Types of Engineering Firms

4 Types Of Engineers That The Modern World Couldn’t Exist Without

Universities across the globe produce engineers in a failing attempt to supply the needs of experts in this challenging field. Without engineers, the modern world simply could not exist as it is today. Engineers sustain our standard of living, and continuously drive progress forward. Though the same could be said for every engineering discipline, there are four types of engineers that account for much of the progress we’ve seen in the past century.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers do much more than just work with chemicals in labs. They are responsible for determining the risk factors for certain chemicals and chemical combinations, identifying safe handling procedures, designing pharmaceutical medications, analyzing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes, and more.

There are many subspecialties of all the major engineering disciplines, chemical engineering included. This includes biomolecular engineering, materials engineering, and process engineering. Many of the medical advances that enable us to live long, fulfilling lives, would never have been developed without chemical engineers.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are the reason why people today can spread across the globe the way that they have. They design and build the infrastructure upon which all of the society is built. Without civil engineers, there would be no high rises in the deserts of Dubai, and the bridges and highways that make our world a smaller place might never have been built.

Among the subspecialties contained within the umbrella of civil engineering are structural engineering, transport engineering, and geotechnical engineering. Experts in these fields determine the financial and environmental impacts that it takes to make things happen.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers have some of the most exciting jobs today. They are responsible for much of the technological advances that you’ve been witness to. In some way or another, most of what you see today is reliant upon electricity. Were it not for electrical engineers; you would not have the cell phones or computers that connect you to the rest of the world. They also have a hand in the design of GPS systems, medical machines, and fitness equipment, among many other things.

Among others, this field of engineering includes computer engineering, optical engineering, and power engineering subspecialties. Our world would be a very different place without electrical engineers.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing and developing everything from the mall elevator to the engine in your car, to prosthetic limbs. Using computer-aided design software, mechanical engineers figure out how to make things work, and their reach extends all the way into outer space! They’ve been an integral part of the NASA space program since its inception.

Mechanical engineering includes many subspecialties, including the popular categories of aerospace engineering, manufacturing engineering, and acoustical engineering. They truly form the bedrock of our society.

Engineering today has continued to grow and expand, as our needs have grown and expanded. It’s an exciting career field with unlimited employment opportunities. Engineers will continue to push the envelope of what is possible, and remain the cutting edge of society evolution.

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